How to Grow Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom Grow Kits
Congratulations you are one step ahead to growing your own Copelandia Hawaiian Magic Mushrooms. It feels good to grow your own copelandia hawaiian mushroom here in the UK. Buying your own Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom Grow Kit was a great step and all you have to do now is grow some mushrooms. However, in order to achieve the  best yields possible, make sure to follow all the steps in this guide carefully.

Firstly, before handling the grow kit, or the mushrooms, always clean your hands with soap and preferably hand disinfection gel. Latex gloves and a face mask will come in handy too.

It’s highly recommended to work in the cleanest environment possible. This is important because mushroom grow kits can be contaminated if cleanliness is not taken into account.


  • A misting bottle
  • Clean tap water or mineral water
  • A bright spot to place the kit in (not in direct sunlight)


  • Latex gloves
  • Face mask
  • Hand disinfection gel
  • Hygrometer / Thermometer
  • Mushroom heat mat (only during the colder months)

Latex Gloves


HOW TO Grow Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom

1. Open the box and take out the contents. The box contains:

  • 1 grow kit
  • 1 grow bag
  • 2 cups of topsoil
  • 1 paperclip

Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom Grow Kits contents

2. Wash your hands well with soap and water. We recommend using latex gloves and (alcohol) hand disinfection gel as well. Put on your face mask, if you have one, and spread the topsoil out evenly over the kit. This is best done with your hands while wearing clean latex gloves. Then, put the grow kit inside the supplied grow bag.

Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom Grow Kits preparation

3. While the grow kit is sitting inside the grow bag, you can spray the topsoil layer thoroughly and make sure it’s very moist (not soaked!). Spray the inside of the bag as well. Make sure there is enough fresh air inside the bag, and close the bag with the supplied paperclip.

Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom Grow Kits Setting Up

Grow Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom Grow Kit UK

4. Make sure to spray the topsoil layer and the inside of the grow bag. Give it fresh oxygen by squeezing the bag (this will remove the old oxygen). Repeat this process on a daily basis (once or twice a day). It’s very important at this stage that the topsoil layer and the grow bag stay moist.

Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom Grow Kits maintenance

5. After 6 to 11 days, mushrooms will start to pin. At this time, take the grow kit out of the grow bag, spray the inside of the bag, and refresh the oxygen. The reason for this is that Copelandia mushrooms don’t respond well to direct contact with water. When you’re done, you can put the kit back in the grow bag.

Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom Grow Kits fruiting


6. The mushrooms will be ready to harvest 5 to 7 days after they have begun to pin. Harvest the mushrooms 24–36 hours after the black spores begin to drop from the caps. Cubensis growers might be surprised by this, but it’s actually better to let Copelandia hawaiian mushrooms mature longer. Pick the mushrooms by pushing them over until the bottom of the stem snaps. It is easy to buy copelandia hawaiian mushroom grow kit online in the UK and even easier to grow copelandia hawaiian mushroom.

Copelandia Hawaiian Mushroom Grow Kits harvest

7. After harvesting, make sure to remoisten the topsoil layer by spraying it very heavily from a distance of 10cm. It is perfectly fine if a centimetre or two of water accumulates at the bottom of the grow kit. This can be poured out after a day or two. The second flush will now begin to grow. Keep the bag moist, but always avoid spraying the new mushrooms. If you are interested to grow your own copelandia hawaiian mushroom, then you should buy our copelandia hawaiian mushroom grow kit.

Hawaiian Mushroom Grow Kits second flush



Initiation temperature: 21–26°C
Relative humidity: 95–100%


Temperature: 21–26°C
Relative humidity: 90–95%


Potency of Hawaiian Shrooms

Copelandia Hawaiian magic mushrooms are about five times stronger than Cubensis. This should be taken into account when figuring out the correct dosage. Always start low and trip responsibly.

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